Tell your state legislators: pass the 3Ps housing plan.


Production, Preservation and Protection: A legislative package to comprehensively address California’s housing crisis.

You don’t need us to tell you that California’s housing crisis has brewed into a full-scale emergency—you probably feel it every day. But we can tell you that there is hope. Just this month, Governor Newsom budgeted $1.75 billion towards home construction across the state. If we can pass the 3P’s legislative package, we can put that money to work on behalf of California’s low- and middle-income families, seniors, and veterans. You can help make that happen—call, text, or email your legislators and ask them to support 3P’s.


Legislation we support

Read more about the legislation that 3P’s supports in the areas of tenant protections, new housing production, and historic preservation.

Protect Tenants

AB 1482 (Chiu)

Prevents rent-gouging by limiting extreme or unreasonable rent increases and protects against discriminatory and retaliatory evictions. Read the Bil


SB 18 (Skinner)

Preserves 90 days written notice prior to eviction for renters who occupy a property that has been foreclosed upon. Read the Bill


Produce and Preserve Housing at All Income Levels


AB 1486 (Ting)

Expands access to local “surplus” lands available for affordable housing development across the state. Read the Bill

AB 1487 (Chiu)

Establishes a regional housing agency for the San Francisco Bay area and authorizes the ability to seek revenue in support of affordable housing production and preservation and tenant protections. Read the Bill

ACA 1 (Aguiar-Curry)

Asks California voters to approve reducing the voter threshold to fund local affordable housing, supportive housing, and public infrastructure projects from a two-thirds vote to a 55 percent majority. Read the Bill

AB 10 (Chiu)

Increases the state Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program by $500 million, including farmworker housing.  Read the Bill

SB 6 (Beall, mcguire)

Creates a statewide list of all local lands suitable and available for residential development as identified by local governments. Read the Bill

AB 881 (Bloom)

Removes barriers to the development of accessory dwelling units. Read the Bill

AB 1734 (Chiu)

2 year bill

Expands the property taxation welfare exemption for rental housing to moderate-income households. Read the Bill


SB 50 (Wiener)

2 Year bill

Allows for building housing near existing job centers and public transportation while protecting renters, local government control, and the environment. Read the Bill

SB 330 (Skinner)

Temporarily suspends specific local practices that are documented obstacles to housing production (such as shifting rules and standards, high fees on low income homes, and moratoria to ban new housing), and establishes reasonable time periods for processing housing permits. Read the Bill

AB 68 & 69 (Ting)

Removes barriers to the development of Accessory Dwelling Units across California. Read AB 68 Read AB 69

AB 1483 (Grayson)

Improves transparency and reporting of local housing activity so California can tailor state policy to support local best practices. Read the Bill

AB 1484 (Grayson)

Increases transparency and predictability by requiring each jurisdiction to post on its website the type and amount of each fee imposed on a housing development. Read the Bill

AB 1485 (Wicks)

Allows for streamlining approval of housing developments that limit 20% of the units to 120% of area median income (AMI) or less. Read the Bill


“California needs to build, build, build — and, in the meantime, protect tenants.”

LA TIMES  |  Editorial Board


In the News


Press Release: Three P’s Coalition Celebrates Signing of First Bill in Sweeping Production, Preservation and Protection Package
The Three P’s housing coalition celebrated the signing of the first bill in the bold 2019 Plan for Housing Production, Preservation, and Protection. SB 18 by Senator Nancy Skinner (D — Berkeley) was signed by Governor Newsom today.

Press Release: Three P’s Applauds Passage of Major Housing Bills; Keys to Addressing Housing Crisis
The legislature passed six key bills this week that will address housing production at all income levels, preserve existing affordable housing, and protect tenants, all part of the Three P’s strategy.

Press Release: Three P’s Celebrates Passage of AB 1482 in Key Committee; Protection Key to Addressing Housing Crisis
The Housing Production, Preservation, and Protection Coalition released the following statement following Senate Judiciary passing AB 1482 (Chiu), which will protect tenants from unfair rent gouging and unjust evictions.

Press Release: “Three P’s” Housing Coalition Applauds Budget Agreement Holding Cities Accountable to Meet Housing Goals
The Housing Production, Preservation, and Protection Coalition released the following statement following Governor Newsom’s signing of the FY 2019-20 budget and announcement of a “Big 3” agreement that would hold cities accountable for meeting housing goals.

Curbed San Francisco: These housing bills are still alive in California

When Curbed SF asked why, in a political environment where the term “housing crisis” is used repeatedly, California can’t pass more significant housing legislation, the most common response from Bay Area lawmakers was to point out that, despite high-profile losses, many housing-related bills could still reach the governor’s desk this year.

Press Release: Surplus Lands Would be Freed for Affordable Homes Under AB 1486 (Ting),
Three P’s Housing Production Bill Clears Senate Governance and Finance Committee

California is one step closer to freeing vacant lands to build affordable homes for Californians as AB 1486 (Ting) cleared the Senate Governance and Finance Committee today.

Press Release: With Housing Costs in the Headlines, Legislature Moves 8 “Three P’s Bills” Out of Committees
Seven of these bills are specifically targeted at easing barriers to production of homes for Californians at all income levels, a key part of a Three P’s strategy that also includes preserving existing affordable homes and protecting the families in them.

Press Release: Startling New Facts on Housing Costs Call for Production, Preservation & Protection
New “Out of Reach” Report Underscores Urgency for California to Act on Three P’s;
Eight Housing Production Bills to be Heard in Legislative Committees this week.

Press Release: California Voters Overwhelmingly Support Tenant Protections
New poll finds overwhelming support for limiting rent increases, providing free legal aid and support to low-income tenants facing eviction, and preventing unjust evictions.

Press Release: Three P’s Coalition to Redouble Legislative Push After SB 50 Held
The Housing Production, Preservation, and Protection Coalition released a statement from Co-Chairs Leslye Corsiglia, Executive Director SV@Home, Fred Blackwell, CEO of The San Francisco Foundation, and Michael Covarrubias, CEO of TMG Partners after SB 50 (Wiener) was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Press Release: Diverse “Three P’s” Coalition Announces Broader Set of Bills as Push for Housing Production, Preservation, and Protection Gains Momentum
The Three P’s bill package now includes 18 bills will preserve existing affordable homes, protect the families in them, and produce more housing at all income levels.

Press Release: LA Times Editorial Endorses Renter Protection Legislation as momentum builds for “Three P’s Approach to Solving California’s Housing Crisis
The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board called upon legislators to “enact strong tenant protections” if they are “serious about easing the pain of the state’s housing crisis.”

Press Release: New poll finds Bay Area voters overwhelmingly support bold, regional action on housing emergency.
A new poll finds Bay Area residents are not only extremely concerned about the availability and cost of housing, but that they support a bold, regional approach to help solve it.

Press Release: Governor Endorses Housing Production, Preservation, and Protection Coalition
Governor Gavin Newsom echoed the "Three P’s” strategy endorsed by a broad, statewide coalition of labor, business, housing, and economic justice advocates, calling protecting tenants “one piece of the housing affordability solution."

Press Release: LA Times names Inglewood Exhibit A for Necessity of “Three P’s” Approach to Housing Crisis
A front page story in today’s Los Angeles Times is a glaring example of why California must adopt the “Three P’s” approach to solving the statewide housing emergency by protecting tenants and preserving housing vital to our neighborhoods while investing in new housing production.

Press Release: Diverse Group of Allies, Legislators Unite to Push for 3Ps Affordable Housing Agenda
On Tuesday, a diverse group of elected officials, business, labor, and social justice organizations will come together to rally support for a sweeping new campaign to secure California’s housing future.

Sacramento Business Journal: Newsom says housing crisis must be solved

Glad to hear these words from @Governor Newsom: “We are all in this together. We have a responsibility. We are capable of doing so much more.”

Mercury News: Bay Area might get its first-ever regional body for affordable housing

State Rep David Chiu speaking the truth, on why he wrote the bill to create a new Bay Area housing org: “Our challenges are inextricably linked across our region, and we need to tackle them together.”

Los Angeles Times: A 102-year-old woman is being evicted after nearly 30 years. It’s legal in L.A. County

102-year-old Thelma Smith should be protected from the loss of her home.

Santa Cruz Sentinel: Editorial: Another housing measure bites the dust

The @Santa Cruz Sentinel editorial board calls out the “NIMBYism” of current California politics.

Santa Rosa Press Democrat: Editorial: Another year of inaction on state’s housing crisis

“No hearing, no vote, no explanation.” That attitude towards efforts to generate housing for California families now and in the future is totally unacceptable.

LA Times: California puts off dealing with its housing crisis for another year

This is the key: “California is in the middle of a housing crisis that is exacerbating poverty and homelessness and driving people out of the state.”

SF Chronicle: The Real California Resistance is to Housing

The @SFChronicle Editorial staff note that the failure of SB 50 coincided with a new report confirming an uptick in homelessness in the Bay Area.

NYTimes: California Has a Housing Crisis. The Answer Is More Housing

“It is time to rewrite the rules.” - The @New York Times Editorial board endorses SB50, a bold housing solution and a key part of the 3Ps legislative package.

SF Chronicle: Scott Wiener’s SB50 transit-housing bill clears key hurdles

Progress! We’re getting closer to passing SB 50, part of the 3Ps legislative package that will pave the way for affordable housing production near transit stations and workplaces.

LA Times: Keep tenant protections front and center of California's housing debate

“California needs to build, build, build — and, in the meantime, protect tenants.” The LA Times editorial board recognizes the need for a multi-pronged solution: to produce new housing while preserving existing homes and protecting tenants.

LA Times: California's extreme housing crisis calls for extreme measures. That includes SB 50

Well said, @LA Times: "The fact is that cities must grow and change, as they always have."


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