The Problem: How We Got Here


To keep up with demand, California should be building 180,000 homes each year.a On average, in each of the last 10 years, we have built just 80,000.b

This leads to sky-rocketing rents and home prices and makes people vulnerable to unfair practices like rent gouging that displaces them from their homes.

The Housing Emergency: By the Numbers

Hard-working families, seniors and veterans are being devastated by the housing crisis.

30% severely rent-burdened

  • 1.7 million CA households spend half of their income or more on rent

2.5x more expensive

  • The median price of a CA home vastly exceeds the national average

22% of the U.S. homeless population

  • CA is home to 12% of the U.S. population, but ⅕ of homeless
  • Over the past two years, homelessness in Sacramento has increased 19%, Los Angeles by 16%, and the Bay Area by 30%.

1.8 million housing shortage c

  • By 2025, CA needs to build almost 2 million new homes

The Solution: The 3P’s Plan

The interconnected factors behind the housing crisis require a comprehensive set of solutions. Through three approaches, the 3P’s plan tackles the root causes of the housing emergency.

Strong Support for Bold, Transformative Change

Status quo fixes have failed California. The 3P’s coalition is a diverse alliance pushing for a sweeping package of legislation, because bold action is the only way to lift ourselves out of the crisis.

Californians recognize the severity of the crisis:

  • 86% - are concerned about local workers being able to find an affordable place to live 

  • 82% - are concerned about young people being forced to leave the state due to housing costs


How You Can Create Change

Reach out - demand bold action from your state lawmakers